System Testing

Salient Systems firmly believe that a major factor in producing quality software products is the approach and effort applied to System Testing.

Our pool of system test analysts are highly experienced in the structured testing of component based 'n' tier applications. Including multiple instances of environments externally assessed for regulatory compliance.

Whilst separated from the development team to ensure independence, the test team are involved in the development process from the outset to ensure that the right level of test preparation and coverage is provided – business, system and performance.

Acknowledging the crucial nature of the Test phase Salient Systems quality process ensures that everything is fully documented and test completion certificates for all tests and business scenarios are delivered to the client as part of any software release.

Dependent upon Client preference, system testing can either be carried out at arms length by our Test Analysts or in conjunction with Client’s own test teams. The latter approach serves to increase solution understanding within the Client test team, reducing the cost of subsequent Client Business Integration, Business Acceptance and User Acceptance Testing. This approach serves to increase the sense of partnership with any Salient Systems delivery.


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