Software Development

All Salient Systems software is developed using a structured quality process for component-based development. This process starts with understanding the business model and business processes currently in place. This is augmented using requirements capture with users, analysis and design and incremental development and delivery of software components to match customer requirements and provide early introduction of benefits into the business. This approach maximises the probability of delivering against the agreed business requirements at low business risk.

In order to fast-track new systems development, Salient Systems have developed, and proven within multiple applications, a fully scaleable and flexible Enterprise Application Development Framework (EAF). This solution delivers the core business processes (data and system access channels, user security, auditing etc) within a proven environment and thus allows new business service components to be developed and deployed quickly and with low risk into a client's environment.

The business and technical environments within which Salient Systems has extensive, proven experience include:

Enterprise Development

  • E-Commerce
  • Enterprise Application Frameworks
  • Enterprise Level Infrastructure
  • COM+ and transactional based applications
  • .NET based tiered components including intranet and internet based applications


  • C/C++, VC++, Delphi, Visual Basic
  • eVB, eVC++
  • Unix Script, VB Script


  • Oracle
  • SQL/CE
  • SQL Server
  • Transact SQL


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