Salient Systems Limited, formed in 2001 and with offices in Maidstone and Newcastle, is a specialist business systems product development company originally foused on providing portfolio and resource management systems to the Energy Utilities sector.

Our directors, consultants and senior technologists are drawn from a pool of very experienced personnel, all of whom have demonstrated significant achievement in IT systems design, build, implementation and support. Expertise is wide ranging ensuring holistic business solutions.

Salient can confidently demonstrate industry leading expertise in all areas of portfolio management and field resource management - from work management and resource management aspects right through to integration of Windows Mobile based hand-held applications within the business parameters.

Our expertise, knowledge and experience have to date been successfully applied with our clients to numerous product development, business support and business improvement projects including:

  • Development of an Oracle based Portfolio Agent Management Solution (PAMS). The PAMS product architecture now hosts each of the UK Industry required systems to operate both HH ( HHDC, HHDA, HHMO ) and NHH ( NHHDC, NHHDR, NHHMO ) agent roles within the competitive UK Electricity Market for metering services. These versions incorporate all of the back-end work flow, contract management and business support functions required by a suitably qualified agent.
  • Development of a Generic Reporting (GR) data reporting and Decision Support tool. This allows the development of reports covering every aspect of the Client's business by non IT users. Generic Reporting can report from any database engine.
  • Development of a Middleware file transport tool. This tool facilitates the transfer and logging of files and data flows into and out of the Client's business including encryption and checksum generation. Other file transform mechanisms are supported as well.
  • Development of a comprehensive Oracle based Resource Management Solution (RMS). This system has been designed and developed to incorporate all the back-end work flow, resource management, contract management and business support functions required by a field based service organisation.
  • Development of a Windows Mobile based hand held field resource management system - Field Manager supporting both landline and mobile communications - 1,900 units deployed.
  • Development of an 'n' tier component based Enterprise Application Framework (EAF) and Generic Design Framework (GDF) to support fast deployment of future additional business requirements within a stable IT framework - used internally by Salient Systems and by a customer's development team.
  • Development of a comprehensive Read Validation tool (CReDO - Complete REad Diagnostic Operation). This system has been designed and developed in conjunction with Elexon to assist agents validating meter readings. Common reader errors are covered allowing reductions in resource levels dedicated to read validation.

Working with Salient Systems, our Client's have achieved:

  • Business improvement as measured against industry regulatory metrics.
  • Business improvement as measured against external customer requirements.
  • IT support and enhancement for existing third party solutions.
  • Internal business process review, problem identification and improvement.

In summary Salient Systems is financially stable and is a recognised leader in its specialist field with demonstrable in-depth business experience, proven development and systems skills and industry leading packaged solutions. However, more than a collection of experienced professionals, Salient Systems is a company with a declared objective of seeking to apply our skills and experience towards the goal of contributing to our customer's success.


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