PAMS - NHHDR (Non Half Hourly Data Retrieval)

Salient have developed PAMS-NHHDR, within Salient's PAMS applications framework, to provide extended coverage of industry prescribed business processes and interfaces that will be addressed by effective providers of electricity meter data retrieval services to their Supplier and NHHDC agent clients.

The Business/Service/Contract Model configuration at the heart of PAMS-NHHDR drives the fully automated executions of targeted and sequenced business rules that, for example :-

  • Address the automation of all Business Processes and Interfaces that must be delivered by NHHDR agent as required by Suppliers and NHHDC agents.
  • Model NHHDR contracts and service intersects across multiple Suppliers, multiple NHHDC agents, multiple Smart Meter Communications Head-Ends, multiple pedestrian based meter reading service providers.
  • Extend NHHDR services beyond the completion of discrete data retrieval requests through to NHHDR internal generation and completion of scheduled data retrieval events in line with Supplier requirements and cognisant of changing target meter configurations.

Salient have delivered the PAMS-NHHDR solution to address the key service delivery requirements that will develop in the UK market alongside the planned rollout of Smart Meters to all consumers by 2019.

PAMS-NHHDR mirrors the delivery of the meter read scheduling requirements contained within Ofgem's proposed initial scope of services to be provided by the Data Communications Company (DCC). The DCC will be mandated in the UK market as the central conduit for all interactions between authorised parties and the domestic Smart meter. PAMS-NHHDR will form an attractive applications architecture component of 'Interim Arrangement' service frameworks that will address Supplier data retrieval requirements against Smart meters prior to DCC delivery - particularly across CoS events, which will implicate the delivery of robust interfaces across a range of Smart Communications Head-End facilities.

Additionally, PAMS-NHHDR will facilitate the effective partitioning of legacy meter from Smart meter data retrieval requirements. As pedestrian based meter reading requirements diminish over time PAMS-NHHDR will support the effective management of multiple specialist providers of targeted, competitive and economic pedestrian based services.

Click here to see a diagram of PAMS NHHDR positioning within UK metering services applications architecture.

PAMS-NHHDR manages the data interfaces required between the NHHDR agent and multiple client NHHDC agents and systems. Bespoke bi-directional interfaces can be accommodated very quickly as required. PAMS-DR also interfaces directly to Salient's RMS MWM solution and robust interfaces to existing client work management systems and to Smart AMR head-end facilities have been delivered to meet client requirements.

Built within Salient's Generic Design Framework (GDF), PAMS-NHHDR provides extensive and flexible data reporting and data maintenance facilities. Data reporting facilities may be additionally deployed at client NHHDC agent or Supplier located facilities to support delivery of direct views into PAMS-NHHDR managed data to clients as required.

PAMS-NHHDR has been delivered to an innovative and successful agent provider of comprehensive Smart Metering and Smart Communications Head-End services to the UK and European markets.


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Key Features & Benefits

  • Addresses Industry view of Data Retrieval agent role
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • Flexible interfaces to AMR, Field Work Management Systems ( SSL RMS or others ), multiple meter reading agents and Supplier, NHHDC agents
  • Built within PAMS framework
  • Configured Business Process rules driven
  • Automated Business Process completions
  • Management by Exception design goal
  • Auto resolution of particular process anomalies
  • Flexible reporting, drills, graphs, data maintenance
  • Consistent user interface

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