Salient Systems is a specialist IT solutions and services provider with roots, in-depth knowledge and proven expertise within the business areas of Data Retrieval, Data Management, Resource Management and Field Service Operations.

Whilst the roots of the company stem from the gas and electricity utilitity industries, the personnel making up Salient Systems have extensive knowledge of many industry models and types. This knowledge and experience allows Salient Systems to offer Clients high quality software and business process design to enable Clients to make the most of their IT investment.

From company formation in 2001 Salient Systems has adhered to the founding principle that 'Our success and reward depends upon our contribution to our customer's success and reward'.

This principle is embedded within every facet of our relationship with our clients. We will partner with our clients to deliver effective and efficient business systems. Our innovative and flexible charging options reinforce our commitment to the principle that our success will be measured by our client partners and will fairly reflect our contribution to our client achieving their business objectives.

Salient Systems offer and have delivered leading edge software packages and applications to successful service providers of Data Collection, Data Retrieval, Data Aggregation and Meter Operator agent services in the electricity and gas utility markets. The significant industry experience of our consultants and our industry and client partners provide the cornerstone to our product designs, allowing clients to clearly differentiate strategic and service level advantage over their competitors. More...

However, Salient Systems are more than just a product development and sales company. We are committed to contribute to our customers through the full life cycle of their projects, including the operational phase, in order to ensure that they derive the maximum business benefit from their investment in our solutions, skills and experience.


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