Field Manager (Windows Mobile)

Field Manager is a new generation Windows Mobile based Hand Held application and supporting communications solution developed by Salient Systems for use primarily within the Utility Metering Services market although its flexible, configurable design lends itself to deployment in a range of field service delivery applications.

The application uses an ergonomic and extremely flexible design to deliver a leading edge business solution that has the flexibility to both support existing metering operations and also take the client business forward into new levels of flexibility, security and efficiency.

Field Manager integrates seamlessly with RMS MWM but can also be integrated to other resource management solutions.

The Field Manager Communications solution not only provides bi-directional landline or mobile based communications between RMS MWM and Field Manager hand held facilities but also enables the completion of interfaces required to and from Smart head-end communications layers in order that all steps required to assure the integrity of Smart meter related work packs are completed while the field worker is at the meter site.

Click here to see a diagram of RMS-Field Manager positioning within UK metering services applications architecture.

With very significant numbers of hand held units already deployed Field Manager is a proven solution where efficient job processing and fast data transfer are combined with modern hardware technology to deliver a robust, flexible and reliable solution.


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Current field deployments utilise Hand Held Computers from DAP Technologies.


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Key Features & Benefits

  • Managing 50+ million metering field work jobs per annum
  • Meter Reading, Meter Installation/Replacement/Configuration
  • Client job configurable asset data collection alongside job completions
  • Configurable client/service type specific job breakdown structures and workflow step rule definitions
  • User driven generation of job priority, jeopardy, call back, walk sequenced views of work lists
  • Two way messaging interfaces between field worker and back office

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