Appointments Booking System (ABS)

Salient's Appointment Booking System (ABS) is fully integrated with Salient's RMS MWM solution and is designed to allow end customers to book appointments for service provision over the internet (or intranet). However, ABS may be coupled to other work management solutions as required.

ABS takes advantage of the work and resource management rules defined by the Client in the coupled work management system ensuring that (e.g.) appointments are resourced effectively.

ABS can be configured to gather data supporting the identification of service requests from other loosely coupled systems including portfolio management systems(e.g NHHDC, NHHMO systems), from previously collected work history data or directly from end customers.

Coupled with Salient's Generic Design Framework (GDF) delivered data reporting solution, ABS also provides the client with extensive views into the status of their work loadings within the service providing systems.

Since the booking of an appointment is, essentially, the controlled generation of a work request record, the ABS system can be successfully integrated within a wide range of service management solutions.


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Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible, secure deployment over the Web
  • At Service Provider, Call Centre
  • Integrated at Client Web page
  • Flexible Interfaces to :-
  • Asset Data Base(s)
  • Resource availability, capacity and capability rules
  • Work Management systems, job creations, job status reports, work history
  • Client side job recording/auditing
  • Provides the Client views into Service Provider systems
  • Provides Service Provider with on-line Job Request channel

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