SMART Developments

Salient Systems continually seek to forge strategic relationships with key business and technology partners in order to maximise the benefits to our clients resulting from the pooling of relevant business and technical knowledge, experience and achievement.

Key immediate term product development objectives at Salient focus upon achieving the seamless and automated integration of Smart Meter data and functionality within both established Gas and Electricity Industry end-to-end business processes and within the wider business process supporting systems architectures in play at key stakeholders - Supply Companies, Metering Agents, Energy Consumers.

Salient current developments which will lead to significant product offerings in this space include:

  • A 'Smart Broker' middleware solution that will achieve automated end-to-end and bi-directional coverage of industry triggered NHHDC and NHHMO business processes right down to the Smart Meter.
  • A 'Smart Monitor' data management solution that integrates industry defined consumption profile classification data and Smart interval consumption data to extend available functionality beyond simple energy Monitoring and Targeting identifications and objective setting into tariff testing and modelling, tariff/supplier selection options and impacts, energy generation nomination smoothing etc.
  • A 'Smart CRC' solution, with hosting options, meeting the significant monitoring, reporting and management requirements of UK businesses that will be impacted by the UK Government mandated CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.
  • PAMS MAP - an industry compliant Meter Asset Provider system meeting all of the requirements attached to operating efficiently and effectively as MAP agent and Smart Meter asset provider over the significant period of investment, rollout and operation of Smart meters in the UK over the next decade and beyond.

Here at Salient we are always willing and ready to discuss opportunities to work together to apply joined-up thinking to achieve joined-up systems and processes.


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