Markets Overview - Salient Positioning in a Smarter World

We are now well into a period of radical change right across the Energy landscape. At Salient Systems we are confident that we have a persuasive message to share with a range of stakeholders who, like Salient, are committed to becoming Smarter along the way...

Our Industry qualified NHH, HH systems and our Metering Work Management solutions will continue to keep pace with the Industry changes that will accompany Smart Meter Rollouts, and will address the consequent extended requirements to deliver Smarter industry business processes.

At independent Metering Services Companies, or at metering functions that are vertically integrated at Supply Companies, our products will continue to mitigate both the costs and risks attached to keeping pace with change.

Read more here about how Salient's comprehensive product portfolio will meet the Data Management Challenge at Suppliers and Metering Agents across Smart Rollout and beyond.

But Smart/Advanced Metering, mature technical and data management infrastructures and Smarter, more flexible Energy Markets also open up a whole new world of opportunity to energy consumers to make significant positive gains at the Supply/Demand cost equation - use energy more efficiently, identify and eliminate waste and minimise the total costs of energy supply from the market.

Read more here about how our Data Management experience and our products will support and extend successful delivery of aM&T ( Automated Monitoring and Targeting ) initiatives at Public Bodies (Local Authorities, NHS etc) and at large I&C Companies - minimising total operating costs and achieving lowest possible costs for energy purchased from the market.

Talk to Salient to discover how we will work effectively together to deliver lowest cost energy management processes and lowest costs of energy supply to your organisation.


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Key Markets

  • Metering Agents more.....
  • Vertically integrated metering services function at Supply company
  • Third Party Intermediaries
  • I&C and Public Bodies wishing to take total control over metering and energy supply costs more....

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