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Salient Systems Ltd (SSL) is a leading and specialist Data Management and Resource Management system solutions provider to the Electricity and Gas utility markets in the United Kingdom.

Our products and services deliver effective and intelligent data management of utility metering related data. Our solutions will be attractive to a range of stakeholders who, like Salient, are committed to minimising the total costs of supplying energy to consumers.

SSL's core PAMS (Portfolio Agent Management System) product set delivers industry qualified Non Half Hourly (NHH) and Half Hourly (HH) metering Data Collection, Data Retrieval, Data Aggregation and Meter Operation system solutions aligned to the competitive market model for metering services operating in the UK. Comprehensive coverage of metering related Work and Resource Management requirements are delivered by SSL's RMS (Resource Management System) solution.

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Salient solution architectures are modern and flexible and each system solution provides complete industry business process coverage 'out of the box' and ready to respond to the challenges ahead - Data Communications Company ( DCC ) role positioning, Smart Metering Rollout, Smart meter extended data management.

Read here how SSL Solutions meet the Smart Data Management challenge head on.

SSL Consultancy Services deliver Industry Qualified and effectively mobilised metering service offers to market quickly and efficiently, thereafter assuring coherent, integrated and effective end-to-end data management architecture solutions and attractive, differentiated service deliveries.

SSL solutions and consultancy are offered to clients at costs that are both very attractive and flexible, fully reflecting Salient's effective partnering relationship with our clients and our own mission to reduce the overall costs of energy supply to consumers.

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ISO-9001 Approved                 ISO-27001 Approved


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